1. Our two gentle hosts, Sean Jean and Adam Robinson, and then my finger. The light was too much for my other fingers. Also, Mira’s book is in every picture. You’re welcome SorryHouse. THIS WAS A PUBLISHING GENUIS EVENT YO! 

2. Willis making some groove waves with party times and Ben Lerner jokes. If Joy Division made bricks and their bricks went towards a factory, that factory would be Willis’ poetry-repurposed-factory-turned -home.

3. Shaun Gannon. Please destroy the sky. Bring it down. No one likes it. And you will. One night.

4. This is pre-Hoover head smack. But what’s even funnier is that Matthew didn’t care. In fact he probably laughed harder than any yous there. I can still hear his squatting voice. Rule to the vise: don’t play soccer against Matthew Savoca.

5. Melissa Broder. I wish I had words to express things. Especially things about Melissa. She’ll be back Saturday, so you can have her explain it. Cause gheeze, so many thoughts and things.

6. And then there was the river god Matt Cook. On the thirtieth poem, Matt Cook’s sweat touched Karina, and she was happy. And we all were happy. This guy is making people believe in poetry again. We’ll miss you Milwaukee.

7. They all smelled great after. Look at the door action too. Things are going to be good. Everything can be good. Or at least available for observation

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